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For getting the maximum benefit from our highly professional call center services, please make note of the following guidelines.

The most important factors for a successful event calling program include the following:

  • List quality
  • Good planning
  • Attractive offer SEE EXAMPLES of previous promotions, event details, offers, etc)
  • Dealership reputation with customers
  • Your inhouse team follow up on our report results, which includes registered, maybe, in the market/cannot attend, service appt request to coincidewith event, etc.

The standard formula for excellent results with a customized calling program is a minimum of 70 hours required for a list of 1000 contacts. The average calling rate is 20 calls per hour; the minimum time estimated includes an allowance for being put on hold, making multiple calls to the same person in an attempt to get tangible results and leaving messages with event details – requesting the prospect to call your key contact to register themselves.  We provide a unique, boutique approach to our professional level of call center services.


Productivity factors below must be noted.  The number of calls made per hour is directly affected by the type of script utilized; i.e. – qualification questions and/or the addition of survey type questions will require that each call take more time, which increases the result quality but cuts down  on the results quantity.   

RESULTS QUANTITY Variables.  It must be noted that the phone script dictates the scope and nature of the calls and affects the productivity in these areas:

  • The quality of the list: correct key contact name, phone numbers,   etc play a very important part in the efficiency of the calling. A good clean list will produce better results.   
  • If addresses and other file information (ex: size of fleet) require updating, the number of calls per hour decreases because each call takes longer, improving the results but leaving less time for repeat calls.
  • Defining the purpose of the call is an important component. If it is simply extending the invitation and reporting a head count for registration with no requirement for gathering additional info,it fits the standard formula mentioned above.  
  • We like to know ahead what ratio of business numbers and residential numbers are included in your customer list.
  • The project definition does not include our team sending emails or faxes. However, the purpose of the call and project report can include an indication that the prospect would like the invitation sent by fax or email. This does affect the calls/per hr ratio. These requests are sent to the key event contact in your organization - as we receive them.
We expedite the project productivity by creating a customized layout in our contact management software, ACT, pre-set with drop down menus; the caller/project manager codes the results with a simple clicking of correct choice in dedicated fields - to facilitate the call by selecting predetermined possible results instead of typing after completing each call.

• We partner with your internal sales team - and have found that good communications in the planning stages is vital to successful projects
• We welcome conference calls with your management/sales team
• We will customize an event type to your specifications if it's not already on our services menu.
• We dig in the mud and hand you the gold – your team makes the deals happen
• We use simple results codes for your report
• We DO NOT deliver "false positives"
• We attempt to obtain and record the name of the person we spoke with
• We deliver special messages and hot leads during the calling schedule - such as: In the market/not attending, Service Appt/Attend, Status on a part or other matter.
• We represent you well - always courteous & friendly.

  • Date(s) Hours of event 
  • Location details
  • Special phone number or extension if any
  • Email of key event contact