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B2B Fleet Services


You Host A Mini-Expo

Showcase the latest in vehicle technology!

Why not harvest more business for the Fleet Dept of your dealership by showcasing the very latest in vehicle technology?  

This is a very fun and progressive approach to prompting trade-ups and expansions by your current fleet customers PLUS reaching into your competition's market *.  

  • Expand your fleet department
  • Create a festive "expo" environment, refreshments, etc
  • Upgrades your  dealership's visibility in the community
  • Prompt your existing customers to trade up and/or expand sooner than they had initially planned -
  • Feature vendors/media for transmissions, engines, bodies, accessories
  • *Attract commercial customers from other brands if you provide us with your local Board of Trade or other business/municipality fleet users list 

For Commercial Trade Event projects, the planning/pricing grid is customized - based on date(s) of event, list size and level of program.

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