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Customer Retention



You’ve worked hard to gain new customers!  Don’t let them slip away.

Did you know that your customers will NOT attend your private sales and other events if they’ve had a negative customer service experience?  It’s TRUE.

How do WE know?  We talk to your customers:

  • Event Registration – exclusive invitation to a special event
  • Quality Assurance – service follow up calls

During Event Registration calls, your customers tell us if they are not happy with the service.  They decline to attend the special event – even though they love their vehicle and are happy with the deal you gave them. Many have switched to another brand by the time we call them with the invitation OR they went with a different dealer. Sometimes, they go with a dealer recommended by a friend or relative FOR THE EXCELLENT SERVICE.

Our event Results Report includes their comments and flags the files of these unhappy customers – so that you will have a chance to make things right with them, if possible. This may be the first indication you have – that you have lost this customer!

With our Quality Assurance program – we make calls soon after the service appointment. A brief satisfaction survey provides valuable information direct from the customer – delivered to the general manager or administrator. This is much more effective than having the Service department make follow up calls. Often, they are the problem! This feedback gives you the chance to make necessary improvements to your Service department and to smooth things over with the customer.

The customers appreciate that you care enough to follow up and are very comfortable - open with us. 

We can start you out with an 8 week pilot and take it from there.  We guarantee you cannot do the same quality of customer retention in-house or with another service – at such an affordable price.  Of course, keeping your customers is always an investment!